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dedrick brooks jr®

Dedrick Brooks Jr. well-known as DB®; is an independent strength and performance coach based in Houston, TX whose client portfolio range includes everyday individuals, celebrities, collegiate, and professional athletes. Along with multiple highly respected certifications held, DB obtained his Master’s degree in Sport and Human Performance from Sam Houston State University. As a former Division-1 dual sport athlete; and competing in multiple sports throughout his athletic career.

DB’s experiences and education has a big influence on his coaching/training philosophy. He is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their physical and mental goals. His training specialties are in strength & conditioning, performance/functional movements, mobility, and corrective rehab within his scope of practice. While using innovative yet scientifically proven techniques that can be transferred from aesthetics training to championship winning performances and/or daily activities. He has worked with athletes within multiple sports competed in across the globe with athletes ranging from youth to world-class professionals.

DB remains a lifelong student to life’s experiences; and education to better himself for those around him! His current milestone as a professional is the pursuance of his Doctorate degree at Texas Chiropractic College. With plans after graduation and receiving his license; to provide additional services that will aid his clients and many others in their success.


what our clients say


Since I started my career as a professional athlete, DB has hands down help me sharpen my tools so that I can be the best athlete when it times to get on the field. DB has also shown my family and I the upmost respect when it comes to establishing and maintaining a trainer client relationship. There’s not too many trainers in the game like DB and I appreciate him for that.

Austin Walter

It has been a blessing to work with DB Great trainer even better person. He has helped me tap in to another side of my athleticism. I have lost weight so i feel quicker and well conditioned. Training with him has help me improve my game tremendously.

Javier Edwards

I've been working with Dedrick since the middle of my rookie year. I felt myself losing some explosiveness and flexibility during the season so I started going in for a weekly tune up lift with Dedrick. From the moment I started working with him I noticed his scientific approach to training. His in depth explanations of the lifts and movements really made an impression on me, and I could feel the difference in my body after just 2 sessions. It was at that point that I decided to trust DB to be my offseason trainer. I'm now entering my 3rd season with the Houston Texans and everytime I report to training camp and OTA's my coaches are impressed with my physique and explosiveness. In a profession that is becoming saturated with unqualified trainers and impractical movements, DB is a breath of fresh air. Whether you are a pro athlete looking to increase your speed and explosiveness like I am, or if you just want to get back in shape, DB will craft a program that gets you the results you desire. It's not gonna be easy, but it's gonna be safe and it's gonna work. DB is a great trainer and I would recommend him to anybody who has a genuine desire to better themselves physically. Thanks for everything DB!

Peter Kalambayi

I came to DB while I was in between teams and he quickly showed me why he works with top tier athletes. Shortly afterwards I was in play shape then back with another team. During that time DB showed me nothing but love while training me to be in the best shape of my life and til this day that’s why he’s my go to trainer!

Terrell Williams

In a short time, Dedrick was able to get me into great shape. His attention to detail and patient coaching led to a solid end to the season. My only regret is that we didn’t have more time together!

Josh Ferguson

Dedrick is great trainer. Very detailed and passionate about his work. Enjoyed my time working with him

Jester Weah

DB is a solid trainer, young and hungry always looking for innovative ways to help you perfect your craft.

Emmanuel Ellerbee

My husband and I trusted in DB to train us for the most special day of our lives. We both have different athletic ability, and DB was able to cater our workouts to get the best results for our specific body type. My goal was to tone up while loosing a few lbs and my husband’s goal was to drop weight while putting on muscle. In just a few short weeks, my husband went from 17% to 11% body fat. We love working with DB because he always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He was also very flexible with our schedule which was super helpful. Thanks DB, we love you!

Rachel & Ben Stocker

I started training with DB 11 months before my wedding day with the goal of shedding weight and toning up. I was already active and working out, but DB showed me new exercises and worked areas of my body I never had before. I was seeing results and enjoying my workouts so much that it sparked my fiancé’s interest to start training with DB too. DB was able to customize our workout regimens to meet each of our specific goals. I lost excess weight and toned far beyond my initial goals and Richard grew stronger and more agile. We love you DB and can’t thank you enough!

Mary Ann & Richard Mason

“I first found DB through a friend who had trained with him and couldn't say enough good things. I had always been active but felt like I wasn't seeing the results I should have been given the workouts I was doing. That's when I gave DB a shot - it was such a great workout that my husband started training with DB as well. We started training 7 months before our wedding and he helped us get into the best shape of our lives through personalized and varied workouts. He's an amazing trainer and great person, thank you DB!“

Ashley & Nick Pappas

“I started training with DB about four months before my wedding. Right away, DB started setting goals for me. I felt that each day I went to work out, DB challenged and encouraged me. I was beyond proud of what I was able to achieve in only 4 short months! I continue to work with DB 2-3 times a week and love every minute of it!”

Chandler Williamson

“I started training with DB, 4 months before my wedding. I was always active, had an athletic build, but was looking to tighten up and learn new techniques! Working with DB ignited a new love of circuit training with proven results! Each day was different, yet an aggressive full body workout. He pushed me to lift heavier weights, sprint longer and faster, and do more than I thought I could. The environment of DB, I think, is the best part! You go in each day and know what you need to do. You can take as long as you need, so it's at your own pace if you want to get out of there more quickly!"

Ellen Delery